The word "Scrimshaw" came from a slang expression which referred to the product of idleness or loafing. It was indeed Practiced by the sailors of old to pass the time while they were out at sea
. But with the passing of time this art has developed into something specialized as can be seen by most scrim Artists work of today.

 The method I adopt for scrimshaw, is by stippling, and sometimes scratching depending on the particular artwork. I do all my scrimshaw work on my knives.   I  do undertake work for Clients and Other Knife Makers on a Commission Basis

I Also Use my "Lindsay Airgraver" for my scrim work


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Firearms & Knives
This Pendant was made for my wife, Ivory inlay in a gold frame with twisted gold wire surround. The Picture is of our grandson.  The framing was done by a jeweler in 18c gold
He was one of the largest Tuskers in Africa. His name was derived from a local tribe the "Tshonga"  who's camp was called "Shawu". He lived most of his life in their area.
 Rainbow Trout:
 My first attempt at color
scrimshaw, also a fish found in the clear streams of the Eastern Transvaal (Mpumalanga). Which is in the area that this knife maker resides, plus minus 2 hours drive from his residence. 
One of Africa's most majestic and not much seen Cats, due to his nocturnal behavior.
The male rates as one of the "Big Five".
The male is distinguished by his head which is much larger than his female counterpart.
 One of Africa's most majestic and not much seen Cats, due to their nocturnal behavior.
 The female does not rate as one of the "Big Five". She is distinguished by her head which is much smaller than her male counterpart. They are very seldom seen in pairs.

Buffalo: (African)
 The African Buffalo is also regarded as the "Big Five" by the hunter fraternity.  Although it sometimes looks very docile it can and will turn very dangerous. It is known for its deceptive moves when wounded or cornered.


African Fish Eagle:
My first attempt at Scrimshaw.
The American Indian:
He must have been a Majestic Chief in his time. This Picture was obtained from a knife in one of the knife magazines. 
I have always been very interested in the Red Indian Folklore as well as pictures.
This is A Carving I did On the End Of A Elephant Tusk.

A Set of my Warthog Folders with Scrim work for a Client
A Set of Scales for a German Client

"Caracal" Bolo Tie

"Malachite" Kingfisher

"Iberian" Bolo Tie
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